Bathtub Refinishing – Benefits and Advantages

The refinishing of bathtubs has several advantages. These benefits are a great way to help homeowners achieve their goals in many different ways. Those that have chosen to refinish their tubs instead of replacing them get an almost new tub for a small fraction of what it would cost to replace. Bathtub Refinishing can save property owners thousands of dollars on replacement costs. Tub reglazing is an excellent alternative to buying new tubs.

Refinishing instead of replacing can help save a fortune in renovation costs. Hotel, real estate and apartment complexes are able to save 90% of their cost by opting for refinishing instead of replacement.

Bathtub Refinishing Benefits

The color of your bathtub can be chosen by YOU. You can choose almost any colour you want when refinishing your bathtub. You don’t need to accept any unattractive color.

The life of a properly refinished tub can reach 10 years. They will say a refinished bathtub won’t be durable. The skeptics are wrong. I had my first bathtub done just over 10 years ago, and it still looks fantastic today. (It was mine). You must follow the directions to properly finish your bathtub. Your newly refinished tub will last for years.

A worn-out finish is one of the main problems that an old bath has. This surface becomes porous as the finish wears. It retains moisture over a period of time. The moisture in the air allows mold, mildew or fungus to grow. The moisture makes it almost impossible to clean stains. Refinishing your bathtub seals off these small pores to create a surface which is smooth and prevents mold growth. This also makes it impossible for stain to adhere. The refinished bathtub is easier to keep clean, and does not require frequent cleaning.

Minimum Maintenance

The nature of your tub’s refinishing process has sealed all the pores, including the micron-sized ones that can hold dirt, stain and potentially harmful microorganisms. The tub is easier to clean and stays cleaner longer.

Save Resources

Surface restoration allows you to upgrade your fixtures. The landfills are spared from unnecessary waste when bathtubs are refinished. New appliances and fixtures are produced with less energy. The environment benefits greatly from bathtub refinishing, as it reduces waste and precious resources.

There are numerous benefits to bathtub refinishing. Refinishing is a great alternative to tub replacement.

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