Five Practical And Easy To Implement Tips For DIY Home Roof Repairs

Frisco Roofing pro is the best roofing company to call if your roof has been damaged. It can be very frustrating to have water leaking from your roof. Most roofs require the help of a roofer. Here are five easy-to-implement tips that will help you with DIY roof repairs.

1. Locate the source of the leak

It is important to know this. Water stains on the ceiling are the first indication of a leaky roof. Use a ladder to inspect the roof for missing, curled or cracked shingles. You can find leaks if the caulking and flashing has been damaged, as well as shingles. Check the chimney for any loose materials and chimney vents or pipes.

2. Replace damaged, missing and rotten roof shingles.

You can remove a damaged roof shingle by raising the edges of the shingles around it and removing the nail with a pry-bar or hammer. After that, the shingles will easily slide off. The shingles can be aligned and slid in further, and then you can fasten them using galvanized roof nails.

3. Replace your old roof

Hiring a roofing contractor is a good option for replacing an old roof. Check that the old roof is replaced. Some contractors will build a brand new roof over the old one. Once the roof has been cleared, ask your roofing contractor for an inspection of decking as well as other areas to check for structural damage. This will save you money in the future.

4. Re-seal chimneys and dormers

You can reseal the metal flashing joints with the help of caulking and roofing cement.

5. The curled shingles can be flattened

Applying asphalt roofing cement with a brush or other adhesives using a caulkgun will help you secure and flatten curled shingles. You can also hold the shingles up at the corners and edges so that they do not lift again.

Final Words

As soon as you notice any problems, call a professional roofing contractor to fix them. You should consider a new roof if there are significant problems. Ask for an inspection and a quote from several roofing contractors. Keep your roof in good condition to protect it against harmful elements.

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