Asian Painting Techniques: Harmonious Pastels

Our paintings include flowers, birds, landscapes, figure painting, and many more. You will gain an understanding of art history and theory through the appreciation and introduction of masterworks. Learn the fundamental technique for different brushworks, which will allow you to understand the process of Painting. Encouraged to use the techniques to produce your own work and reform this tradition art form.

Four Gentlemen

They are all metaphors for the man with integrity.

The Aquatic Life Fish

The artists used this topic as a way to convey their love for the perfect life.

Lotus and Coloring

Lotus symbolizes a distinguished gentleman. Styles of painting and the history of lotus art will be given preference. Zhang Daqian is a contemporary painter who has invented several techniques to depict the lotus.


Landscape paintings were created by ancient painters in many different ways. These included modeling masterpieces and sketching, as well as traveling and expressing emotions to preserve and maintain water and their lofty, independent personalities.

The term traditional painting is used to describe the unique art of China, which uses pigments and brushes to represent both imaginary and real objects. The genres include scroll paintings, murals, New Year pictures, engraving paintings and more.

art is not classified as a specific category. It’s also not scientific. It can be classified into different types of tools and materials. The same goes for oil painting, water color paintings, engravings, gouache, etc. paintings are classified into different categories based on their usage. These include murals, series pictures, New-Year images and illustrations. painting can be classified into two categories: figure paintings and landscapes. The unique style and method of painting makes it a world-class art, comparable to oil paintings. The traditional art pays attention to the essence of an object, highlighting the beauty of its form. It also requires that the pictures are vibrant and full of rhythm and vitality. The have pursued this ideal unrelentingly and it is a major component in Oriental paintings.